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Find The erotic adventures of Zorro at kometka.info Movies & TV, home of Read more about DVD formats. Zorro is a masked swordsman trying to save sex-slave women. One of the funniest, best written "adult" films of all time, IMHO. funny little movie, cheesy humour, erotica, might remind you of zorro the gay blade.

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In this spoof, Teen boy gay videos Diego Vega George Hamilton follows in his father's footsteps as he dons the identity of Zorro in an attempt to hold the weak and innocent from the ravages of the evil.

However, once playwright falls victim to a debilitating injury, it is up to his gay twin brother, rabbit Wigglesworth George Hamiltonto occupy up the protective cover and sword. Lost in a Harem Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Charlotte Taylor Wilson Brenda Vaccaro Don Francisco Jorge Russek Don Fernando Eduardo Alcaraz Zorry the gay blade dvd Storyline Mexico, s.

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Trivia According to "Latin America on Screen", the film was the "first manifestly chicano incarnation" of the Zorro character. Goofs When Zorro and Valasquez ride into the tree branch and are knocked off their horses, they lose their swords.

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A little clumsy, are you not, art directory gay male friend? Don't be looking for fabulous effects on this one, it's just a funny little movie, cheesy humour, erotica, might remind you of zorro the gay blade, just with nudity I ordered this film thinking it was a different movie. This is a low budget production that has some fun moments but not what Zorry the gay blade dvd expected.

I saw this many years ago and it is still enjoyable.

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The way it is done, leaves something for the imagination. This is not as graphic as the films that are out now. Sincerly I cannot add zorry the gay blade dvd more to the current reviews. So if you wanna wacth a very but very svd movie not porn you should defenetly check this one out.

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There's a problem loading this menu right tthe. My favorite part is michael jackson gay "Zorro the Gay Blade" is the masked ball, at which the Alcalde hopes to catch Zorro, only to have all his male guests arrive in Zorro costumes.

The result is a dizzying "house zorry the gay blade dvd mirrors" effect as the Alcalde looks from one "Zorro" to another around the room and then finds himself unable to identify and arrest the "real" Zorro.

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Another favorite part is the soundtrack, taken from Max Steiner's compositions for the soundtrack of "Don Juan" which starred Errol Flynn in the s and "The Danzas Fantasticas," some Spanish classical music.

Bareback black gay sex, Steiner's music is unpublished; I do hope it will be published some day so that fans of Spanish-style music can enjoy playing it.

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I would recommend the "Zorro" series by Disney and all other movies about Zorro. Fred 1 August When I saw it in I thought it was one of the worst movies ever made. Over the years it has become one of my favorites. Its dialogue and Hamilton's one liners.

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It is a Z not a ggay, the peeples, it is better to be poor than to dress poorly, etc. There are so many subtle comments and in jokes you need to watch it many times to pick them all up.

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A comedy classic rhammil 20 September This is a great movie that keeps you laughing the more you see it. Excellent cast and great writing combine to a true cult classic.

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Gay blonds muscle sex Hutton provides a tolerable love interest that possesses a feminist liberal touch to her character. This is overshadowed by the comedic confusion created by Liebman and Hamilton. Liebman is outstanding as the overly obsessed Captain Esteban for his nemesis Zorro. Zorry the gay blade dvd Vaccaro plays Florinda, Esteban's devoted buy love starved wife, who of course, has secret desires for Hamilton that adds spice to the interplay between Liebman and Hamilton.

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Must see, 5 stars out of 5. You gotta love the former movie. Basically a parody of the genre, they pretty much get as silly as they want.

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And if I may tay so, Lauren Hutton is quite sexy here! So, if you like totally zany nonsense humor, then this is the movie for zorry the gay blade dvd. Even though I've only seen two movies directed by Peter Medak this one and his satire "The Ruling Class"I like them both and recommend them very much.

Also starring Ron Leibman and Brenda Vaccaro.


Tyrone Power in The Mark of Zorro plays a foppish character designed to throw off suspicion that he is, in fact, the legendary Zorro. George Hamilton in an Oscar-worthy performance if they gave an award for comedy - which they don't!

George Hamilton as Bunny Wigglesworth is a riot. Zorry the gay blade dvd is flamboyantly gay and wears lemon, plum, and scarlet instead of Zorro Black. Wwe gay porn videos also likes to use a whip, which is not balde out of character for Zorro, as he is as adept with the vay as he is with the foil.

This is an entertaining farce that Zorro fans, Hamilton fans and others will enjoy. Tom 28 November George Hamilton is very funny, both as the "serious" twin and his zorryy brother. The script is witty and no more idiotic than any other Zorro movie.

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The score is excellent, stirring in the chase and fight scenes, appropriately dreamy in the tender moments. I believe that the main theme is lifted from gay young twink solo classical composition and adapted for the movie.

This is one of those movies where a lot of the pleasure comes from the second rank of actors, like Ron Liebman and Brenda Vacarro as the alcalde and his dissatisfied wife. No one movie is going to appeal to everyone or at every time, but this is a good way to spend a couple of hours in light entertainment without having your intelligence or zorry the gay blade dvd taste insulted.

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